Singing Teacher

  • BA (Hons) Creative Arts – 1st
  • PGCE in Primary Teaching
  • ALCM (Music Theatre) Performance
  • Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children & Young People’s Mental Health

Sarah has been a professional singer since 1984 and a singing teacher since 1999. She has developed a passion for exploring the power of singing to enrich the lives, physically, mentally and emotionally of all ages. After having her own children, she has witnessed the effect music had upon their learning.

Over the years of teaching singing and music, privately and in schools, many of her students now work professionally in the Music and Performance Industries. Sarah has worked in nurseries and through a variety of workshops for all ages, including those enriched with special needs. She is sensitive to the individual and strives to find the specific pathway to learning which each child requires whilst working towards a team performance. She discovered Music Theatre later on in life and believes in its power to bring singing to a new depth of understanding and connection with the audience, and themselves.

Prior to teaching, Sarah recorded and performed in a professional duo all over the country for a wide variety of gigs; small local gigs to large festivals, working alongside the current ‘big names’ but since teaching she thrills more on witnessing her students uncover their hidden creative talents than any standing ovation. As a singing teacher she knows she has ‘the best job eva!’ and hopes never to retire!